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Parking Long-Term? What To Leave In Or Take Out Of The Car

When you travel long-term, parking your car safely at the airport for weeks or months is both necessary and convenient. But how can you keep the car safe while you're gone and make it ready for your return? Here are six important tips for what to leave in it and what to take out of it. 

1. Leave Deicing Tools 

If you leave your vehicle at an airport in a cold climate, prepare the basic tools to battle snow and ice. Car owners who live in snowy areas may already have an ice scraper, defogging aids, and gravel for the tires. But if you're new to the snow, pack a winter emergency kit before you park. Never underestimate how early or late in the season a snowstorm can arrive. 

2. Take Out Receipts

Is there anything in your car with your name, address, or other personally identifiable information? Take out anything not necessary for vehicle operation and hide it away. Don't let thieves have easy access to your identity and learn where your home is—especially when in monthly parking which indicates you're gone long-term. 

3. Leave a Change of Clothes

When you come home after a long trip, you may not have much in the way of clean and appropriate clothing. Something as simple as a few fresh clothing items will make the drive home and your immediate arrival much more enjoyable. This could be anything from fresh socks and a warm jacket to comfortable shoes or a clean shirt. 

4. Take Out Chargers

Most car owners know to remove any electronic devices from the car before they park long-term. But take the chargers out as well. Why? Thieves assess the potential for valuables in the car, and when they see certain charging cords that tend to service more expensive phones or tablets, they may break in to see if anything was left behind. 

5. Leave a Full Tank

Fill up before you park at the airport. This serves two purposes. First, it reduces the possibility of moisture condensing in the tank and causing internal damage. But, perhaps just as importantly, it means you can hop in and drive home without delays to fill up your gas tank after a long trip. 

6. Take Out the Trash

Finally, clean out the garbage and clutter in your vehicle. A thief might assume—often correctly—that you won't notice signs of a break-in or missing items until later due to the clutter. A well-maintained car with nothing visible in the cab makes itself less of a temptation. And you reduce the risk of nasty smells or mold when you return. 

Where to Learn More

Want more tips for car safety and preparedness for long-term parking? Start by talking with the staff at a monthly parking lot at your departure airport today. With their expertise and these tips, you'll soon have your vehicle ready to wait for your return.