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After struggling for quite some time with my job, I finally had the chance to get out and see the world. My job was offering a position that required almost constant travel, so I began working hard to explore the world. It was really fun to work a little bit and then to see a new place, and I was enthusiastic about the challenges it presented. From learning new cultures to knowing how to speak well enough to get around, every day brought a new adventure. On this website, read more about how to enjoy time away from home while traveling for fun.


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Three Tips To Help You Enjoy Your First Wine Tour

When it comes to wine, there is a mind-blowing statistic which states there are 31.4 billion bottles of wine which are sold and purchased each year worldwide. That's a lot of wine! As someone who has just been invited to attend their first wine tour, you want to know more about this drink so you don't feel out of place during the wine tasting portion of the tour. Here are three things to expect while you on your wine tour.

Tasting All Wine

During the wine tour, you will be presented with a variety of different wines to taste. From whites to reds, sparkling to still, every person has an individual taste when it comes to preferred wine types. If you have not tried a particular wine before, you are encouraged to try a small sip to see if it is one which you may like to purchase in the future. However, if you come across a wine blend or type that you have previously tasted, but which you dislike, then it is not mandatory for you to taste test it. A polite "no thank you" is all that is needed to prevent your taste buds from getting upset.

Swish And Spit?

You may have seen in a movie where the characters swish the wine in their mouth and then spits it out into a bucket. There is a reason for this, but it is not a practice you must do if you don't want to. The swish and spit are so you can taste the wine without drinking so much during the day that you can't drive home. In a nutshell, you can taste test many wines without getting drunk. Each small sip you take and swallow is another step closer to the legal drink drive limit. So, if you plan to drive later, consider the swish and spit. If you have a designated driver to get you home, sip and swallow if you wish.

Smell And Swirl

As a novice wine taster, it is too early for you to determine different flavors in wine by smelling the wine or swirling the liquid to get more air into it. However, you will notice other wine tasters performing these actions. When the wine is swirled in the glass, air mixes with the liquid and extra smells are released. Take a sniff of the wine you are tasting to see if you can smell anything specific about it, but don't be concerned if you can't.

Wine tours are a wonderful way to get to know different wines being produced in your region. Your wine tour guide can answer any questions you have about this popular drinking choice.